The Scientific Program Committee for the 15th Annual Conference of the ESC invites you to submit an abstract for oral or poster presentation. All submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Programme Committee. All accepted abstracts will be published electronically. Please note: all presenters must be fully registered in the Conference.

Abstract Submission Dates

- Submission period opens: 19 January, 2015
- Submission closes: 30 April, 2015

Important Requirements

  • Each participant is limited to one presentation as first author (for oral or poster presentation), but may be co-author of other presentations. Note: Abstracts which are a part of a Pre-arranged Panel Session are excluded from this limitation.
  • Only fully registered delegates can present at the conference and delegates fully registered by June 15th 2015 will have their abstracts included in the programme.
  • If you need to introduce some modifications to your abstract please contact us by email (scientificmail@skyros-congressos.com). Do not re-submit the same abstract.
  • All submissions must be in English, the official language of EUROCRIM 2015. All presentations based on accepted abstract submissions must be made in English.
  • Submission of an abstract constitutes the authors consent to publish it.
  • Abstracts will be published exactly as submitted.
  • Presenting authors of accepted abstracts must pre-register and pay for the Conference by the early-bird deadline.
  • Each presenting author is responsible for the payment of the registration fee(s), as well as travel and accommodation costs.
  • Presenting authors should respect the programme’s schedule (no changes will be made).
  • Presenting authors unable to attend the EUROCRIM 2015 may be substituted by a co-author. In case of impossibility, please inform as soon as possible the organizers using the email address scientificmail@eurocrim2015.com

Abstract Notifications

Notification regarding abstract acceptance/ rejection will be sent to presenting author by May 15th 2015. If you DO NOT receive any e-mail notification regarding your abstract submission by May 16th 2015, please inform us using scientificmail@eurocrim2015.com

Technical Support

Contact scientificmail@eurocrim2015.com in the case of any technical difficulty submitting the abstract.

Abstract submission guide

For a detailed explanation on how to submit your oral communication, poster or pre-arranged panel download this guide.


Presentation Types

Submitting author is asked to select one presentation type from the list below:

  1. Oral Presentation (the planned duration for 1 presentation is 15 minutes)
  2. Poster Presentation
  3. Panel Session Overview – For Pre-arranged Panel (the full session has a duration of 1h15 minutes)
  4. The Scientific Committee kindly asks the Panel Chair to submit a Panel overview first.

    • The format for the abstract is max. 2600 (min. 1000) characters. This should include the session theme, a general structure description, the presenters and the respective abstract’ titles. Once the Panel Overview is submitted, the Panel’s Chair will receive an e-mail stating that panel title was uploaded and a identifying code. After the panel overview is approved, a code will be sent by email (about two days after the overview submission) and the panel chair should share this code with all presenters. This code will allow presenters to submit their abstracts online.
    • The Chair Person should be identified as 1st author and presenter (the red buttons should be clicked to turn green).

    • Please note that the Scientific Committee will make every effort to comply with all the requests. However, it cannot guarantee that all panels will be included in the program.
    • Panel proposals and panel presentations have the same deadline as individual abstract submission, April 30th, 2015.
  5. Oral Panel Presentation (Presentation as part of a pre-arranged panel) All abstracts should be submitted by the authors individually, once the Panel’s Chair submitted the overview. Please use the code that will be sent to the Panel’s Chair.

Abstract Topics

Submitting author is asked to select one topic and two subtopics from the list that best describes the abstract, and two additional key-words.

  1. Perspectives on Crime and Criminal Behavior
    • Critical Perspectives
    • Neighborhood Effects and Urban Change
    • Cultural, Disorganization and Anomie Perspectives
    • Routine Activities and Situational Perspectives
    • Rational Choice Perspectives
    • Learning, Control and Strain Perspectives
    • Development and Life Course Perspectives
    • Biological, Biosocial and Psychological Perspectives
    • Theoretical and Epistemological debates in Criminology
  2. Types of Offending
    • State and Political Crime
    • Terrorism and Hate crimes
    • Organized crime and Corruption
    • White collar, cyber, Occupational and Organizational Crimes
    • Transnational Crime
    • Sex crimes
    • Homicide
    • Domestic Violence
    • Human Trafficking
    • Property and Public Order Crime
    • Drugs and Crime
    • School Violence and bullying
    • Environmental/Green Criminology
  3. Crime Correlates
    • Gangs, Peers and co-offending
    • Substance abuse
    • Poverty and Structural Inequalities
    • Gender, Ethnicity and Social Class
    • Immigration / migration
    • Mental Health
    • Weapons
  4. Victimology
    • Patterns and trends in Victimization
    • Fear of crime victimization
    • Policy and prevention of victimization
    • Victims rights
    • Clinical Victimology
  5. Social Control and Criminal Justice
    • Policing and Law enforcement
    • Prosecution, Courts and Sentencing and Penal Decision Making
    • Penitentiary issues
    • Prison Life and Effects of Imprisonment
    • Probation
    • Community Sanctions
    • Crime prevention
    • Juvenile Justice System and Children’s Rights
    • Restorative Justice
    • Criminal Justice Policy
    • Transitional Justice
    • Penology and Punishment
    • Justice and Sanction Policy
    • Drug Policies
    • Immigration, Crime and Citizenship
  6. Perceptions of Crime and Justice
    • Media and social construction of crime
    • Fear of Crime and Risk perception
    • Attitudes about Punishment and Criminal Justice System
    • Political and Social Discourses about Crime and Justice
  7. Comparative and Historical Perspectives
    • Cross-National Comparisons of Crime and Justice
    • Historical Comparisons of Crime
    • Transnational Crime and Justice
  8. Methodologies in Criminology
    • Advances in Quantitative Methods
    • Advances in Qualitative Methods
    • Advances in Comparative Methodology
    • Advances in Evaluative Research
    • Advances in Experimental Methods
    • Advances in Clinical Criminology
    • Advances in Teaching Methods and Curricula


List the author’s names in the order they should appear in the heading of the abstract.


Indicate the institutional affiliations of all authors. If one author has more than one institutional affiliation, please indicate it in the affiliations field.

Abstract Length

All the Abstracts submitted are limited to 2600 characters (min. 1000 characters) including spaces. The title, authors and institutions are excluded from character counting.

Special Characters and Formatting

If you copy and paste the title and/or the text body from a word (or word-like) document, special characters or formatting may not be transferred. You may have to replace special characters and/or insert formatting tags using the character palette in the abstract submission website.


You are required to indicate 2 keywords.

Corresponding Author

The corresponding author is the person whose contact details were given when submitting an abstract/ panel overview. This author will receive all information regarding abstract status from the organizer.


Check carefully the proof of your abstract. Make sure all special characters and formatting is displaying properly in the preview of the abstract. If you find errors, return to the abstract title, authors or text body, and insert your corrections.

It is the author’s responsibility to submit a correct abstract. Any errors in spelling, grammar, or scientific fact will be reproduced as typed by the author. Upon receipt of your submission, the system will issue an e-mail confirmation (with the abstract’s ID) to the corresponding author automatically.

If you do not receive an automatic e-mail message within one hour after the submission, please send an e-mail to scientificmail@eurocrim2015.com (because this is an automatic email, the server may consider it as spam so make sure to check the spam folder)