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Criminology as unitas multiplex:theoretical, epistemological and methodological developments.

In the last three decades, the criminological field has revealed clear signs of increasing crosstalk between elements that had remained separated for a long time.

Bridges have been established between previously separated terrains, which included:

  • Different scientific areas, such as the behavioural, social and biological sciences;
  • Theoretical and empirical research;
  • Quantitative and qualitative research, experimental and clinical methods;
  • Scientific knowledge and social action.

Will this multiplicity be an insurmountable obstacle to the unity? Or might it otherwise be the condition for a complex unity, unitas multiplex, which makes Criminology a singular science? How do these theoretical, epistemological, and methodological developments converge towards the enlightenment of contemporary criminological problems?

This framework will constitute the nuclear core of this conference.

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